Drones and Smart city technology to pest control

Lokimica launches the SMART CITY service portal based on the SmartCity ROSMIMAN® technology, with which citizens of the municipalities where the service is provided can interact with the platform.

Thereby, citizens can request actions, information about pest levels in their city or forecasts regarding possible infections.

The system makes a record of the geographic information system (GIS) and combines it with the actions already undertaken or to be performed in order to detect zones, sources or untreated areas.

It also offers practical advice, technical information, news channel and 3.0 technology.

Helicopters and Drones for pest control

By combining the information contained in the ROSMIMAN® GIS system and citizens’ contributions, Lokímica uses complementary means of information and inspection based on Drones with very positive results in controlling pests, even in protected areas and wetlands. The helicopter is also used as a complementary means, the use of which is more effective in large areas while the drone is used for specific areas or with reduced accessibility.

The drone can enhance and ease the prevention and eradication of possible sources and insect pests detected in certain areas difficult to reach by vehicles and specialized personnel; it is also used to control arboreal species, such as palm trees, in order to check if they are affected or not by the weevil. The models executed by these tasks are much simple than which will be used to combat mosquitoes.

With the addition of the drones, technicians can detect possible sources, hidden at a glance or in non-visible areas, with potential conditions for breeding of different species of mosquitoes.


Vision and thermal cameras

The drone features a camera that can record images, adapt thermal cameras and obtain data that reflects the photosynthesis rate in the field covered by it. The number of drones that meet this service will increase depending on the needs and will initially be implemented in all service contracts that require it.


A helicopter and a drone; aerial demonstration against mosquitoes

helicoptero drone1 Sin-título-2

About Lokímica

Lokimica’s experience in pest control started at the beginning of the activity, but it was in 1985 when they began to perform treatments against rodents and cockroaches for various public bodies in marginal areas and sanitation networks,

Lokimica laboratories, in its pest control division, stands today as the most specialized company for the public sector in the Valencia and Murcia Communities and with a strong presence in Andalusia. It is the one that has more own means in carrying out treatments in the field of Environmental Health with more than 30 years of experience in this sector.

Lokimica is specialized in Pest / Antivectorial Control, Environmental Health, termite control and manufacturing biocides.



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