Software Infrastructure for Smart Cities

The architecture, functionality and infrastructure of ROSMIMAN® Smart Cities make the ideal technological BackOffice to complement the development of Smart Cities projects.

Management Server

Workflow Managment system, proposal generation, audit and operational actions automation.

Data Server

Collection of APIs integration and Web services for relationships with third parties.

Event Server

Evaluation of information input system, its interaction with system management rules, generating and sending automated hierarchized answers by email, SMS or data collectors.

Reports and Dashboards Server

Hierarchized reporting server and Dashboard; SLA & KPI indicators.

Mobility Server

Mobile applications sever for iOS and Android systems for Online / Offline process automation.

Information analysis System

Integrated assessment of all information sources, results management related to key management indicators.

Monitoring System

Display tools, custom product configuration.

Administration System

Administration tools to end user level.

Integration System

Integration with external applications.

Messaging system

Management of internal and external messages. They can be linked to Event Server.

Collaborative Management System

Connection with Social Media.

FrontOffice System

Applications for internal / external management and operational users.

Service-oriented Architecture

Data exchange and flexible operations.

Sensors and Actuators

Data capture capability for its processing or display on ROSMIMAN® BackOffice from different Smart / Smart Grid platforms. Multiplatform Management. Telemetry, remote management, Open Data or automatic information sources from external variables.

PaaS Services of Technology Platform

Service-mode system (Paas / Platform as a Service) to complement and facilitate the deployment of ROSMIMAN® Smart Cities solutions.