Smart solutions


Smart-Green Solutions – BEMS. Energy management of integrated assets for advanced, environmentally friendly and energy efficient urban spaces.

Smart Facilities Management – CAFM

Organizes and provides information, tools, variables and indicators for 360° decision-making for Facilities Management manager and its visualization on distributions floor plans.

Spaces classification according to usage variables as function, occupation, staffing and equipment, public facilities, services and related maintenance (cleaning, security, maintenance, etc.). Energy and Environmental Development of spaces and overall operational costs.


Property Management and Leasing – IWMS

Status overview of properties and leases inventory , as well as their costs, facilities, infrastructures, equipment, maintenance and heritage value which can contribute to improving organizational, strategic and usage changes to optimize the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Resources and Internal Services Management

Smart Planning 360° for the overall coordination of Human Resources Management, materials and services through the use of advanced simulators.

General Services Catalogue

Allows to define all kind of services related to equipment, facilities and customer service, monitoring and measuring the level of satisfaction.

Maintenance Management.

Manage in a comprehensive, quickly and effective way, equipment and facilities, assets, movable and immovable properties, stock of available materials and procurement needs (warehouses and purchasing), maintenance services (Corrective, Preventive, Regulatory, Legal, metrological, predictive or Inspections) service requests, own service staff or relations with subcontractors, and detailed control at any time of budgets and costs associated with the conservation and maintenance activities.

Infrastructures, Equipment and Municipal Utilities

Smart-Lighting; Smart public lighting, Advanced outdoor lighting solutions.

Smart-Parks & Beaches; Smart control for Parks and Beaches Management.

 Smart-Furniture; Smart Maintenance, Conservation and Renewal of urban furniture Management.

 Smart-Street; Smart management of Public streets occupation and related urban facilities.

Smart-Fleet; Vehicle fleet management for its optimization and efficient use, energy saving and safety.

Traffic and transport

Smart-Trans; We provide intelligent systems for managing assets, equipment and infrastructures directly related to traffic and road safety, providing intelligent solutions based on indicators for optimizing conservation and maintenance.


Car Parks

Horizontal and Vertical signage

Electronic tolls and payment systems

Multi Concessions


ITS systems – Control rooms

Smart-Rail; Allows comprehensively manage all aspects related to Exploitation and Maintenance of Railway Systems and Infrastructures through the Implementation of Complex Conservation Plans, Planning Maintenance Services, Security systems and railway signaling.

Rolling Stock; Trains, Auxiliary Funicular Vehicles, trams.

Railway Infrastructure; Stations, facilities, access, parking spaces, warehouses, Energy, Payment Systems/Ticketing.


SmartWaste -MSW; Smart Waste Management containers. Advanced Metering Systems.

Smart Eco-recycling of used oils; Smart Management of vegetable used oils. Clean Spot, collection and processing.



Systems designed for optimization, conservation and maintenance of assets and infrastructures related to the water cycle and the comprehensive management processes for cities of the future.

A smart, global, unified, efficient and sustainable management of such a scarce good as water can be optimized with the use of smart systems for facilities maintenance providing users with reliable and safe water supply and sanitation services, protecting and preventing urban environments against possible flooding and ensuring a sustainable environment.

Infrastructures for collection, transportation, treatment and distribution of water.

Smart-Metering; Smart Infrastructure Management for Water Quality Metering and Monitoring.

Smart-WasteWater; Smart Management for the Maintenance of sanitation and wastewater facilities.

Smart-Sewerage; Smart Management for facilities, sensors and regulators of sewerage networks.

Public Health

Smart-PestControl; Smart Management for Public Health services.

Virtual Monitoring of environmental pest and Microbiological Control.

Smart, preventive and collaborative detection. Statistics, probability and trends.